Sunday, June 23, 2013

hive five

Summer Love
 1.  Are you taking advantage of your local farmer's markets this season?  My favorite one is thirty miles north and offers an excellent selection ranging from wildflower bouquets, Texas made olive oil, cheeses, homemade teas and produce.  I especially love it because it is near an amazing park with an equally amazing playscape and a pond where you can feed ducks and geese your recently purchased freshly baked artisan bread.
I gathered these beautiful carrots, dill and cukes from Johnson's Backyard at Mueller's Market
 2.  My house smells amazing right now.  We are making this tonight.
Chipotle Apple Turkey Burger
3.  Need a burger idea for the Fourth of July???  I love the Chipotle Apple Turkey Burger from the Sprouted Kitchen Cookbook.  I have many cookbooks in my collection and would highly recommend this one.  Get it now so you can make these amazing burgers for the holiday.
Enjoying some great sunsets
4.  I'm headed to the beach with some high school buddies next month.  Still eating well though I could be a little more strict on myself, intense yoga is underway as well.  Tried on my bathing suit and decided I need this because no one wants to see that!
Art Inspiration
5.  Need a little inspiration and/or motivation?  Check out this post by Jillian of The Noisy Plume.  Then peruse through the comments and browse through her reader's inspirational journeys and desires.  We all yearn to achieve goals, work hard for something-whether it be tangible or intangible and this post is just the thing to pump air under the heft of your wings and lift you to your destination.

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Mama Pea said...

These are really some amazing photos! Nice job!