Friday, October 26, 2012

A Cozy Bee

Today is a most glorious day.  Overcast skies, wind blowing through the trees, light rain just strong enough to be heard tapping gently on the rooftop.  The kind of weather stirs something inside me.  I feel excited.  I feel giddy.  I feel justified to snuggle under my quilt, drink some chamomile.  I don't like sunny days-they are monotonous.  But days like these, they have personality and the elements seem to be more alive.
Cozy Cup
Days like these are for sipping hot tea.  I just poured a cup for myself-drizzled some of the most golden of honeys into the amber drink.  My parents brought me some local honey from Point Barrow a few weeks ago.  The comb is suspended in the golden liquid-it is a treasure.  I broke a piece off while my tea was steeping.  I chewed it like bubble gum and savored the floral flavors, wondering what it must be like to be a bee.
Barely Touching The Floor
I hope everyone stays cozy and warm this weekend.  Try to find time to relax and enjoy some warmth in a cup.

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