Friday, April 27, 2012

This week has brought us....(links to GF Brownies & Raspberry Lemonade Smoothies)

photo credit Delightfully Tacky
Raspberry Lemonade Smoothies was this weeks pinterest find.  They are delish and a smashing hit with the Baking Tot.  I filled my mason jars with whatever was leftover and froze them.  I set them in the fridge over night (about 7 hours) and woke up to slushy goodness the next morning.  Try it-it is very good. 

Flowers are going strong in, garden?  Zinnias & Daisies, Morning Glories popping through the soil, tiny buds on my tomato & jalapeno plants.  We shall see what the future and heat of the summer holds.
RIP little flower, you held up a brave fight with a three year old wielding a football
Gerber Daisies are displaying quite a show this year
Playing with Caterpillars
David Lebovitz's Gluten Free Brownie
and...Brownies!  Gluten Free.  I had to try them, out of curiosity.  Of course I used a viable source.  You can never go wrong with his recipes!  Link up and try!

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