Tuesday, March 11, 2014

houston livestock show and rodeo

We began Spring Break with a visit to the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.  I haven't been to the rodeo in at least a decade, which is strange to say out loud.  I used to go every year in my high school and college days.  I don't know why I quit going.  It could have been that I stopped listening to country music all together and wasn't prodded into going by the radio station.  Or, because I bit into a raw chicken on a stick one year and fell violently ill.  That, by the way, was when my husband and I had just started dating.  Can we say embarrassing?   Most likely it was because I had to grow up and work during the time the rodeo was in town.  Who knows.  We made it this year however, and had a great time!
 My, what long lashes you have...tell me your secret.
There was big primping-doesn't she look sweet
 There was warmth...I'll keep ewe warm. Yes! Pun intended!
 There were stoic leaders
 There were delicious treats to be eaten, which I did not partake...Lent...Funnel Cake...Lent...Funn...(pathetic sigh)
There was the cutest cowgirl, my niece.
 There was the bravest mutton busting cowboy in town, my nephew.
 There was my cowboy...
who was actually the city slicker covering his nose throughout the livestock arena.
And of course, there was the ever dreaded, famously despised, nightmare called Houston traffic. (another sigh and maybe a rise in blood pressure)

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