Sunday, September 29, 2013

hive five: goodbye summer, hello fall

1.  Are You Ready For Some Futbol?
We are trying something new, well new to me and the little one.  The Hubs grew up in a soccer driven family and I am a bit out of my element.  It is fun to watch six six year olds (and younger) scurry about in a wild, unorganized frenzy.  The little one just runs up and down the field making faces, waving his arms about and not worrying about a ball at all. 
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2.  The Season of Love
I had read someone call the season of Fall "the season of love."  It was the season when this person and his wife had their first date and the season in which they were married in.  If this is the case, Fall is our "season of love" as well.  September marked our 17th year as a couple, so we went out for some hearty Italian, bellinis and gelato.
3.  Rainy Days
The change in seasons have brought us spotty storms and one full day of windy, honest autumnal weather.  We all welcome rain here in the drought stricken hill country.  One afternoon we had a decent, steady shower and the little one and I rushed outside and sat on the porch swing listening to distant thunder, smelling the dust being kicked up by the rain, and licking the last of summer's Popsicles.
 4.  Crafty Bee
And where there is rain, crafts are soon to follow.  These fuzzy little beasts paid us a visit one rainy afternoon.  Tutorial soon?  Maybe so.
5.  Blog Love
While blog stalking hopping the other day I came across this little beauty of a blog.  Bluebird Baby is a lifestyle/art inspired blog written by a photographer/mother/artist from coastal Maine.  Wonderful photographs, little glimpses of life living in a renovated church, yes church, can all be found here.

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