Sunday, September 8, 2013

Grammie Crackers

As a youngster, after school snacks consisted of the usual fruit roll ups, granola bars and the like.  On special days we would have "banana time," sliced banana with tubed icing drizzled on top. It was delicious and I think it may have been my sister's favorite.  On even more special days my mom would make graham cracker sandwiches, two graham cracker squares sandwiched together by a simple confectioner's sugar icing, sometimes she would color the icing to make it extra special.  They might have been my favorite snack.
Ages ago I introduced these little treats to my son and shared with him the nostalgia of my childhood past.  He loved them and the fact that I ate these as a child too.  We decided to call them Grammie Crackers, named after my mom, who is indeed known as "Grammie" to my son.
So here is a little recipe from my mom to me, from me to my son and you.  For all of those Grammies out there who keep snack time special.  Happy Grandparents Day.

Grammie Crackers
makes 6
12 Graham Cracker squares
2 heaping soup spoonfuls Confectioner's Sugar
1 soup spoonful of Milk
food coloring, optional
  1. Place 6 graham cracker flat side up on the counter top, these will be your sandwich bottoms.  Set aside the other 6 squares (your tops)
  2. In a bowl mix confectioner's sugar and milk together to make an icing.  Icing should fall in a steady stream off the spoon but will resist a little when stirred.  Adjust with more sugar or milk to achieve proper consistency.
  3. Dollop a spoonful onto the squares reserved as the bottoms.  Top with the reserved tops, flat side down.
  4. Snack 'em high and watch them fly!

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