Monday, July 8, 2013

hive five: july: week 1

Mango Guava juice from Nile Valley, sold exclusively at The Mueller's Farmers Market (Eli and my mom in the background)
1.  Eli and I went to our favorite Sunday Farmers Market again.  It was hot and not yet noon!  Sheesh.  We came away with tomatoes, melons, cukes, two cups of Mango Guava juice from Nile Valley and a balloon animal.  (I know, right?!?)  It was a fish to be exact.
Tomatoes from Johnson's Backyard Garden
2.  Slow Roasting the tomatoes as I type.  I wish I adored summer tomatoes like others do.  Fresh, sliced on a burger or sandwich, raw and juicy in salads.  But I can't.  I just can't make myself like them.  So I opt to oven roasting.  They are chewy and sweet and the flavored is robust.  To learn this method go here.
This Blueberry Lime Jam is amazing.  Posting it Wednesday.  It is one not to be missed.
3.  Have you ever slathered warm jam fresh from the pot onto a slice of bread?  It is heavenly.  I just did.  And that may be the reason why I'm not hungry for dinner right now.  And I'll admit to quickly slathering a second slice with freshly made, warm Blueberry Lime Jam just as I finished the first one.  Every time I make jam I swear it is the best thing I've ever tasted.  So, as of today Blueberry Lime Jam is the best jam I've ever laid my lips upon.  Come back Wednesday for the recipe!!!
Geese at Mueller's Lake
4.  This caught my eye.  I love quinoa and really am thinking that this should be my birthday meal.
One year I stacked Oreos onto a cake platter and served them with milk for my birthday cake.  Can't beat that.
5.  Oh yeah, my birthday is this coming Saturday.  I wonder what kind of cake I should make.  Yes, I make my own cake.

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Mama Pea said...

Great, great photos. I'm looking forward to your post Wednesday. It's blueberry season in MI!

Happy birthday, girlfriend!