Sunday, March 24, 2013

a corner for reading and writing

I have yet shared photos of E's room after a year of reflooring, painting, decorating...and I'm still not finished.  Today I would like to share his reading/writing corner, an area which happens to be 100% complete.  Alot of "pinspiration" went into this room and especially this corner.

After months of stalking IKEA for their BEKVAM spice rack and coming up empty handed, I found myself perusing the random bits and pieces of furniture in the dark corner of a Pottery Barn Outlet.  Hoping I'd find a treasure to match IKEA's spice rack, mainly their price ($3.99), I stumbled upon PB Kids Collector's Shelves.  I paid $15.00 each (not bad) and had to find hardware for one.  They are a tad bit bigger than the spice racks and I am going to guess a little bit sturdier.  They do the job and look great stacked up on the wall.

Another super idea from Pinterest was the Oil Pan Chalkboard.  Yet again, I ventured into a dark (and dirty) corner of another store.  The oil drip pans I found at Wal-Mart, actually had "Wal-Mart" stamped into the metal.  It was large and smack dab in the middle of the tray and I didn't care for the look; so I found myself stopping in at AutoZone to purchase their galvanized drip pan.  The brand name Blitz is embossed into the metal, but it is circular and I think Blitz is a cool word for a boys room.  Ten dollars for the pan, a good cleaning to remove the greasy film found on it's surface and a nice coat of chalkboard paint made a great writing/drawing/magnetic board.

Can't you tell he is happy!?!

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