Tuesday, January 8, 2013

I have decided...a change.

She slowly walks up the steps that lead to the stage.  She stares at the shiny maple floors, for a moment that is the only thought that races through her mind, how do they get it so shiny?  She adjusts the mic, taps it, there is a screech from the feedback, she peers out into the audience, it is dark, lonely, and only a few fuzzy figures are at attention.  Umm, she clears her throat, I have decided to go a new direction with my blog.  Awkward silence.  Does anyone really care?

This is how I feel.  For those of you out there who visit me regularly, yes, the two of you, Baking For The Boys is about to change.  A new look, new name, a new blog address and an exit from my four year old blog.  The recipes will still be here, just under a new name.  The handful of fuzzy figures out in the audience may be curious and I'll explain.

When I began this blog, four years ago, I had envisioned it being solely a baking blog.  A cute little blurb, a picture and a recipe.  But my interests have changed, I have grown, and because of this, my blog needs to reflect, well, me.

Don't get me wrong, I still love to bake and cook, and will always feature recipes.  But I love nature and photos of leaves and sky.  I enjoy knitting and hand sewn felt projects.  It is taking me eons to decorate my house.  And I have a family.  But you, my fuzzy figures sitting in the audience, don't know that...I rarely share this with you because, after all, this is a "food" blog.

On a separate note, I personally feel that food related blogs have become saturated.  To me, in the beginning, food blogging meant sharing great recipes, food experiences, forming friendships from afar, but now it is filled with over styling, product pushing and motivated by the almighty dollar and incentives.  Because of this, I have grown tired of some of my favorite blogs and that saddens me a bit.  Ironically, this was published at a great time as I have felt this way for months.

A while back I titled a post, "A Cozy Bee," and thought the title to be quite clever. Whether it be a freezing January night or a triple digit sizzler in the summer, you will always find me under my favorite quilt.  Soft, supple, worn, torn and ripped, I find comfort under that tattered quilt...I am cozy.  And bee...well my first name means "honeybee".  As I stewed over the thought of changing Baking for the Boys, I felt the name A Cozy Bee seemed fitting for the new direction I craved.  So, within the next few weeks I'll be making the transition.  I hope to see you there.


Peg Vanourny said...

Keep us posted so we don't lose you. Love your blogs.

Mama Pea said...

I'm catching up. I always love your blog posts...no matter what they are about. You're such a good writer. And your recipes are great. I love this post. You still got me! :-) I did not know you liked to knit. Another thing we have in common! :-)

(Did you know Peg--commenter above--is my mom? She commented to me over Christmas how much she loves your blog.)