Saturday, January 26, 2013

a wholesome update

Two weeks ago I challenged myself to eat healthier, focus on my food and really think about what I put in my body.  I am not going to lie-it takes time, care and forethought...and time (didn't I already say that?).  I wake up eating oatmeal sans brown sugar, avocado on multigrain flatbread, citrus fruit salad topped with unsweetened flaked coconut with a side of almond milk, or a wild rice pudding.  And guess what...I have survived and I am better for it.

Lunch is usually a kale or spinach salad topped with a small amount of leftover protein or tuna and beans.  Snacks could be anything from a smoothie or lassi to an orange and almonds, pear with goat cheese and honey or an apple spread with almond butter (my favorite).

If anything, dinner has introduced me to energy-dense, nutrient packed, high fiber sides that will keep me satisfied longer.  Nightly, I settle to a plate that is half vegetables, a portion of complex carbs or whole grain, and a lean protein.  This wholesome way of eating is literally my meal ticket to feeling my very best.

I'm not going to lie, there have been temptations and cravings and head throbbings from the withdrawal of sugar.  I miss candy bars and Parmesan Goldfish Crackers.  I won't deny sneaking in a nibble or two.  But because of this drastic change in eating I am better for it.  Not only have a dropped a few pounds, but I feel better.  I sense that my mood has drastically changed-I don't feel stagnant.  I have a boost in energy, which helps me keep up with my hyper-active child.  And I have been sleeping more soundly-some of the best sleep I have had in years.
Orange & Coriander Scented Pork Loin
I have been pleased with the results, especially those that are happening from the inside, the heart healthy, energy and mood boosting results.  I love exploring new flavors and foods as well, it keeps it interesting and holds my attention.  I enjoy preparing colorful, beautiful, healthy, yet satisfying food and being able to share this journey with you.

Thanks for checking in, I'll keep you posted as I trek on.

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