Wednesday, January 16, 2013

a care package from the noisy plume

One hot summer day I found myself daydreaming of mountains, of the cool summer air becoming a tad bit colder as you ascend to the summit, the smell of pine carried by the breeze, and the winding roads that eventually lead you to your destination.  Suddenly, I found myself longing for one particular mountain-a mountain I had visited on any given day whether it be greeting her by daybreak atop Red Hill or me perched from its top peering down below.  Scout Mountain sat south of the little town of Pocatello, where my husband and I had once lived and it always welcomed our escape to be amongst nature.  I miss that escape, I missed Scout that hot, Texas summer day.

I found myself googling for images of Scout, though I had many, I had grown tired of the same old views.  Google led me to The Noisy Plume.  Jillian, at The Noisy Plume shares the same love for Idaho as I do.  She captures Idaho through her lens so beautifully, so natural and breathtaking that I am easily transported to that portion of the world, recognizing peaks, streams and ridges along the way.  Her words are as profound and beautiful as her photos and The Life and Times of The Noisy Plume has become a (if not THE) favorite blog amongst my readings.

In December she led her readers to a blog based Advent Calendar hosted by A Butterfly In My Hair (another great blog) and sponsored one of the days of the giveaway.  A talented artist, she gifted handcrafted spoons made from enamel & copper and I was one of the lucky ones to receive the green Winter Spoon.  I love it!

Here is a little description Jillian provided when describing The Winter Spoons during the Advent Giveaway:

The Winter Spoons can be used to stir your honey into your coffee and tea. They are delicate. They can also be suspended from long, single strands of silk on a wall in your home. Or placed as beautiful, solitary objects on stacks of beloved books. It's up to you, what you do with them. I have crafted them from copper and enamel: hand pierced and textured, hammer formed, enameled and fired multiple times in my studio kiln. They are beautiful and they represent, for me, a leap into confidence. A belief in capability. I have made objects before, however, these are the first I have ever offered anyone, to my great joy. 

I hope, when they are seen or used in your homes, that you and yours are transported to a place of tranquility where the richness of hope, strength and confidence rule in sweeping, peaceful arcs -- like the narrow white of poplar branches in a stiff prairie wind.

I received my package from The Noisy Plume a few days ago and was ecstatic to open the box to find my little bit of treasure, but as I was rifling through the box I found so much more.  A tiny bird that reminded me of a beautiful thrush she cared for this past summer, an assortment of teas, notecards made from Jillian's own photography all sitting amongst the most beautiful handcrafted spoon.  This was no prize I had won just carelessly thrown in a box-this was a package that was sent with such great thought and care.

Thank you Jillian for your generous gift.  And thank you Vibeke for hosting such a wonderful Advent Calender-because of you I have been introduced to so many talented people.


Kristen - Dine & Dish said...

Oh my goodness - I am so glad you linked to that site. What gorgeous work she does!

The Noisy Plume said...

My pleasure, you great beauty.