Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Field Trip: Trailer Hopping for Tacos & Cupcakes

Izzoz's Padre
My youngest sister, fourteen years my junior, and I have a lot in common despite the huge age difference.  We both are very hard on people, quick tempered, have an obsession with lip gloss, watch the same food programs and like the same types of food.

When she came to visit me, we struck up a conversation about Austin food trailers featured on the Cooking Channel.  As our conversation progressed, it became apparent that we were talking about the same episode of Eat St.  We were even talking about the same taco!  Pork! Pineapple! Avocado!  Salsa!  We were there...or at least a few days after the conversation we were there.
The Baking Toddler thought he was on a "picnic" :)
This was not my first time visiting Austin's food trailer scene and boy do they have one.  Food trailers can be found all around the city serving up tacos, crepes, BBQ, cupcakes, Thai, Indian, farm to trailer-you name it, they probably have it.  Our mission, however, was to find Izzoz Tacos and eat The Padre.  The Padre is a delicious pork carnita taco with avocado, tomatillo salsa and pineapple. Two thumbs up!
Hey Cupcake!  Vanilla and Carrot flavors
My sister is also a cupcake freak, so I had to take her to an Austin food trailer institution, Hey Cupcake!  It was around 11:30 am, the sun was scorching and we broke a sweat walking across the crosswalk but we still managed to grab cupcakes to go.  It was a great ending to a fun filled foodie day!
Trailer Hopping Sisters
Now she wants to make a weekend trip which involves us (plus my younger sister) eating from different food trailers-breakfast, lunch and dinner.  I can't wait-that will be a fun and delicious weekend.
This is what happens when you go trailer hopping

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