Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Strawberry Gelato

Enjoy and celebrate the season
What is gelato? It looks like ice cream…so why don’t we call it ice cream? Is it really that special? The answer is yes.

Gelato is Italy’s version of ice cream, with three major differences to his American cousin.

Gelato has significantly less butterfat, around 10%, than ice cream’s typical 18-26%. This is because gelato is not made entirely with cream, but rather milk. However, less fat does not mean less taste. With lower butterfat content, gelato does not need to be frozen as cold as regular ice cream, meaning that it melts in your mouth faster, therefore you experience it’s full, pure flavor.

Gelato is much more denser than ice cream. Good old-fashioned-everyday ice cream has quite a bit of air added to it, which masks its favorite and alters texture. Air is not added to gelato, resulting in a richer, creamier taste the pack a punch in every little bite.

Gelato is served slightly warmer than ice cream. Typically served 10-15 degrees warmer than ice cream. With a softer consistency, the flavor finishes nicely across the tongue and is much stronger and vibrant. Not to mention, that softer consistency makes scooping a lot easier!
Strawberry Gelato
Strawberry Gelato
adapted from Bon Appetit May 2009

¾ c. sugar
1 T. cornstarch
1 c. whole milk
¾ c. whipping cream
2 ¼ c. hulled & sliced strawberries
2 T. lemon juice

1. Combine sugar and cornstarch in medium sauce pan, rub them together with fingertips to incorporate. Whisk in milk and cream. Whisk over medium heat until base thickens and begins to bubble, 5 minutes. Pour into bowl & chill. This is the base.
2. Puree strawberries in processor. Pour into gelato base. Mix in lemon juice. Chill for 3 hours or overnight.
3. Process in ice cream machine according to manufacturers instructions. Transfer to a container. Cover; freeze until firm. Store in freezer 3 hours and up to 2 days.


Kristen said...

I love Gelato and your strawberry version looks mighty tasty!

Did you get my email about you being the Hip Hostess Apron winner? When you get a chance, send me your address & what your choice of the Demi Style aprons is.


McCain Family said...

I think I'm going to make it this weekend! Looks really good! Do you store it in the freezer?

McCain Family said...

never mind, I just read that part :)

Maria said...

I have to try this gelato soon. It looks so creamy and delicious!

sarah (Catch A Cub In Its Den) said...

thanks for this post! i have often wondered what makes the difference between ice cream and gelato, but not enough to bother googling it. now i know!