Tuesday, November 3, 2009

'Wich Craft

Once people find out my ties to food (baker, pastry chef, amateur food blogger) I'm often asked what is my favorite thing to eat. I always end up drawing a blank and my answer seems to be very broad...general...and yes, boring. The answer that usually is to follow is: I don't have a favorite.

What a LIE! It isn't until several hours later that a light clicks on in my head and the answer is revealed (and I am reminded)-the sandwich. I LOVE sandwiches.

I think for many, the appeal of food is the combination of flavors, layers and different textures. Well, isn't that a sandwich?

The perfect sandwich, for me, has to be toasted. It has to have buttery Havarti and turkey, preferably smoked turkey breast and a combination of sweet and savory-something along the lines of cranberry. Of course, color is important too!

My husband and I often frequented a sandwich shop across from the university where he worked. I always ordered #22, turkey with cream cheese and avocado. I really liked it, but it needed a kick. Here is my version of #22, which is perfect for using those Thanksgiving leftovers.

My Favorite: Turkey Sandwich
  1. Start out with two slices of good bread (crusty on the outside, chewy on the inside). I use a French loaf. Lightly drizzle one side of each slice with olive oil. Lay slices oiled side down. Lets start building our sandwich!!!

  2. Spread room temperature cream cream over the slices of bread. Top cream cheese with slices of Havarti cheese.

  3. Add a layer of sliced, smoked turkey breast to the top of one of the slices of bread. Add slices of avocado on top of the turkey.

  4. Slather a layer of cranberry sauce on the other slice of bread. Combine slices together and press down slightly.

  5. Place in a preheated sandwich/panini press and press and cook for about 7 minutes or until heated through and cheese has melted.


Velva said...

Your 'kicked-up vesion" of your favorite sanwich looks delicious. A perfect lunch or light dinner.

Velva said...

ooops, I meant sandwich not sanwich. Sorry.

Bunny said...

This sounds heavenly creamy and delicious! Sandwiches rock!

Anonymous said...

Excellent photography